Public Web Site

Always Up-To-Date

The centralized design of Virtual Gun Shop means that new weapons appear on your public website as soon as you've entered them into the system. There is no duplicated effort entering the gun into a record system, then an inventory system, then a website. It all happens with one entry!

Photos Made Simple

Adding photos is easy from a tablet or smart phone. Simply log in to the management interface, browse to the weapon you want to photograph, and click a button. Your device's camera will automatically launch. Take the picture, approve it, and it will be uploaded automatically.


Work with your current web designer or with one of ours to create a unique web presence for your business. A custom public front-end will help customers recognize your brand and set you apart from your competition. Or, if custom work isn't in your budget, select one of our numerous default themes.

Extra Information

Use your public-facing web pages to tell customers anything you like - hours of operation, years in business, policies, available services, location. You can publish as much or as little as you like.

Gunbroker Links

In-stock inventory listed on Gunbroker is still shown on your public facing website, but all pricing information is replaced with a link promoting the auction!


The management interface is the heart and soul of Virtual Gun Shop. All of the advanced features that make VGS the premier gun shop automation tool reside here.

Reduced Workload

Among the biggest benefits of Virtual Gun Shop is its centralization of data management. Firearm and customer data is stored in the database and recalled when needed. Instead of inputting a weapon three times into three systems—bound book, web site, inventory management—Virtual Gun Shop allows you to input it once. That data is then accessed as needed for ATF audits, public web site visits (public info only - never serial numbers or cost figures!), and point-of-sale.

Paperwork Automation

Virtual Gun Shop can instantly generate paperwork such as 4473, Multiple Dispositions of handguns, Form 3, Form 4, NFA Certification of Compliance, bi-weekly PICS reports (Pennsylvania FFLs only), and post office PS-1508 firearm shipment declaration forms. These forms are generated using the data already stored in the system from when the firearm was acquired and from customer data collected as part of the sale process. Simply print the generated form and have the customer do his part. Your part is already done except for a signature and a date from the employee or responsible person! There will never be a discrepancy between your paperwork and your bound book!


All management interfaces must be accessed through an SSL-encrypted connection. Use of the site is monitored and recorded. Every user is assigned a unique password-protected username to ensure accountability of all actions taken while logged in.

ATF Records


The database backend automatically tracks each and every change made to the firearms records. The listing you view when looking at your current records is neat and tidy and up-to-date while still preserving historical edits, allowing you to dig into the history of a particular record to see when and why it changed.


Computerized records make it simple and fast to find records. One shop mentioned an instance when the ATF called to trace some firearms. After the agent listed the information she needed, she began to leave her callback information so that the licensee could call back after conducting the search. Instead, the licensee said "No need, I'll get this info right now." The ATF agent was shocked that the licensee had such fast access to her complicated query.

Backups and Printouts

Electronic backups are performed every 24 hours. Data is transmitted encrypted to a facility several hundred miles away from the main server, providing both data backup and disaster recovery. A printout is processed and shipped to your shop semi-annually. And, of course, you have the option to download an electronic backup as often as you wish.



Create invoices for each transaction. Add and remove items, apply discounts, and create special orders. Also supports recording purchases of used firearms from customers and optionally applying the value toward other merchandise.

Special Orders

Order items on request. Virtual Gun Shop helps organize and track special orders. See what's been requested, what's been ordered, what's arrived, and what's picked up. Never forget a special order again!

Customer Info

Scan drivers licenses with a single swipe and all relevant customer information is automatically available for the ATF records and the generated paperwork. Scanning the same customer ID again brings up the same customer record, allowing you to build a customer profile over time.

Disposition To...

Invoices can indicate who to disposition a weapon to, in case the buyer is not the recipient. Perfect for out-of-state purchases that ship to an FFL or for gifts where the recipient comes in to pick up the weapon.

Instant Finance Info

See cost and price info on the display to instantly assess the profitability of a sale. This private shop data is suppressed on invoice printouts.

Inventory Management

Gunbroker Integration

Post any of your weapons for sale to Gunbroker in seconds! All descriptive data and photos already published to your customer-facing website will be instantly posted to Gunbroker with a few clicks. Also supports premium features including auction thumbnails and view counters. The posting interface includes a helpful tool to determine the break-even cost of the weapon itself plus any associated Gunbroker fees. Never lose money on an auction again!

Finance and Business Management

Sales Tax

Automatically calculate total income, taxable income, and amounts due for each sales tax period.

Price Tool

Instantly look up past purchase and sale prices for a particular make and model of firearm, whether used or new.