Virtual Gun Shop

Virtual Gun Shop is a complete business solution for small– and medium–sized firearms retailers looking to improve efficiency and maintain a strong web presence.

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Public Web Site

Virtual Gun Shop ties your firearm inventory to your public web site. Weapons acquired for resale are instantly published to your web site so that customers can see them right away – you can even publish photographs instantly with your smart phone! Weapons acquired for transfer or repair are never displayed publicly.

Instant Paperwork

Reduce paperwork and eliminate mistakes! The point-of-sale system will automatically generate forms 4473, 5320-3, 5320-4, and 5330-20 for all weapons on the invoice. And if a customer makes a mistake, simply print a new copy. With paperwork out of the way, employees can focus on other critical aspects of the firearms sale.

ATF Compliance

Virtual Gun Shop is fully compliant with ATF Ruling 2013-5, concerning electronic keeping of firearms records. Semi-annual printouts will be shipped to your shop, database backups occur nightly, and a complete audit trail is kept for every firearm entered into the system.

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The Virtual Gun Shop web application is divided into two major parts - a customer-facing public site, and a private interface for management and employees only. Both sections are hardened against common attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. The management interface is additionally protected by SSL, the same technology that makes banking and shopping secure on the Internet.


While a few themes are available by default for the customer-facing pages, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional web designer to develop your business image online. Whether you already have a web designer or if you need a recommendation, we will see to it that your unique site is integrated into your Virtual Gun Shop subscription.

Easy Record Transfer

Already in business with paper records or a non-compliant spreadsheet for tracking your firearms? No problem! Virtual Gun Shop can do a one-time migration to transfer your existing records into your new electronic bound book.